June 15, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!!

Ok. So I'm back from Vegas for Nelson's (TheFizix.com) Bachelor party. With a total of about 6 hours sleep for the weekend. Needless to say I'm exhausted. Here are a few pics of the trip.

Hittin' up the SLooters w/ nelson & Blake

Sacha (SVRN) Moe and Jimmy sharing chapstick

Jimmy & Kanye Duong

not too sure whats goin on here. LOL

The Sausage Huddle

and the winner is.....jeff, u lucky bastard!

After a long night of drinking and gambling we took the Sausage Party Train to Seamless strip club.

Didn't take too many pictures because I forgot the charger for my Canonn. stay tuned....More pics to come.