June 16, 2008

Serato rant & Sucka Dj's

Nowadays a lot of DJ's are poppin up because of Serato. Weak as fuck. Just because you got your laptop and mp3's don't mean you can dj. When it comes to DJin' learn to use your ears before your eyes. I mean, you are playing music... arent you? Learn to read a crowd and rock it. Learn how to count bars and know when a mix sounds like shit and when it's dope. It's not a fuckin video game. I'm not saying I'm the sickest fuckin DJ there is but there are a lot of fools out there who don't belong behind a mixer. I'm also not baggin on anyone on serato, dont get me wrong, I use it myself and it's and amazing tool. but I'm sick of these kids who think they can just download shit and all of a sudden yer an allstar. sorry buddy, aint happenin. I wonder how many less dj's in this world there would be if Serato didn't exist? It's crazy to think that the next generation of kids who get into djing will just plug in their serato & laptop and away they go. They will never experience going to a record store digging through racks all day and finding music. On the other hand it is evolution and new technology tends to replace old. I'm happy in the future my records will still be worth more than your mp3's. Much respect to the real dj's who put love and effort into what they do and making crowds move. Props to DJ Artistic and the NO SUCKER DJ MOVEMENT!

Here's a little video by Dimples D about all you you sucka dj's out there.

ps. to be honest djing now isn't the same as it used to be, but don't be bitter, be better.