March 27, 2009

Oboe: Japanese Robot To Make Human Memories Immortal

Whoever said that fiction is stranger than life is so much mistaken because this is one creation that will convince you that real life is, and will always be, the strangest of all. Humans, crazed with the idea of becoming immortal turn towards science once again in the hope of living forever.

When it comes to strange things, perhaps the creation of the strangest comes from the Japanese. Their reptile monsters are only second to their creation of weirdly life-like robots and this time they take the words ‘life-like’ further than possible. Oboe is a robot made with the intention of carrying human thoughts. All of you Harry Potter fans thinking of the Penseive would be most disappointed to know that this is nothing of that sort. The Oboe was designed by Arnaud Deloustal as a robot that would ‘hang-out’ with the elderly and carry memories of them. Oboe would store within it all the information that is to be gained about the certain individual.

Oboe is designed so that memories of an individual live on long after the person is gone. It seems so strange, and almost callous, that humans are designing robots to live with the elderly and gain insight about them instead of spending some time with their loved ones themselves.