June 08, 2008


Woke up this morning began the triple S washed the previous evening off me. had a nice sunday. Went over to the Haircut Place in CMR and got a HC. Got a lot of stuff done around the house.

Meet charlie. he's got a serious underbite.

Went over to Spices Thai Restaurant in RB with the wifey to grab a bite to eat.

Enjoyed some shrimp suit..

Pineapple fried rice.. gotta LOVE the presentation!

and my fav yellow curry chicken..

Yesterday I cruised over to UTC w/ nelson and jimmy. I picked up some new kicks @ Sun Diego.

Relaxing at home til after the Lakers vs. Boston game. Be prepared to watch the Celtics get a west coast beat down. Someones bout to owe me some $$$. Then going over to the studio to spin on Sessions. Tune in Live tonight @ 9pm - 12am pst. On the FIRST ONLINE HIP HOP STATION IN SAN DIEGO. EARTHBOUND RADIO www.twelvez.com